More Education and Enrichment Training (MEET) Inc. unofficially started its foundation in January of 2010 with a public speaking engagement in Indianapolis, Indiana focusing on civics and legal studies. The lecture training session was such a success, that it was continued weekly in Louisville, Kentucky at the Ancient Kemetic Institute on 18th & Muhammad Ali boulevard.  As classes grew and the sought for information pursued from individuals attending, professional speaking was acquired to assist with further educating our community to hear this profound knowledge that has enlightened so many. Understanding that educational research is clear and compelling and demonstrated that culture is the key, the first annual Knowledge Festival was created a year later that focused on history and right knowledge of self-preservation. In this powerful event, individuals were engaged with lectures, entertainment, and culturally-relevant activities designed to demonstrate specific and practical instructional strategies that are both engaging and effective for increasing civic and cultural competency.

In 2013, MEET Inc. became a local non-profit civic organization with a vision of: Right Knowledge for Community Cultivation. MEET’s Educational Lecture Series of professional speakers included scholars Dr. Ashra and Merira Kwesi, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Kaba Kamene, Professor Griff (Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Hip-Hop group Public Enemy) and many more speakers and educators to the community.

            MEET Inc. is centrally located at 3415 Bardstown Road suite 405. Currently MEET Inc. sponsors a private home-school Kuumba Youth Liberation Academy Inc. (KYLA), business management consultation, civic education, and a continuing lecture series quarterly which bring professional speaking cultural events for community cultivation.